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little advice to the women out there

I just wanted to give a little advice to the women out there. First of all, please sisters take your education very importantly because to be honest a zamanin yanzu that’s the only thing that zai rufa maka asiri. Some stories are really painful, about women who’s children can’t even attend school. 

My aunt was also in that type of situation, where her husband lost his job and they had to depend on what their family gave them, and we all know how men who don’t have jobs are frustrated and need to relieve it on someone. Anyways she saved some money and went back to school even with five kids and lots of contradictions from both his family and hers-she was already above 30 so they were like ta zauna ta riqe gidan ta, but tayi taurin kai ta koma. Masha’Allah yanzu ta gama har ta samu aiki and ta fara business. She now shoulders the responsibilities of her kids schooling and feeding, even though ba wai they are living lavishly bane, but Alhamdulillah, kuma babu me jin kansu. 

And kuma please

let’s encourage Family planning, ba wai muyi ta zuba ‘ya’ya ba kaman kaji and we expect mazajen mu not to feel tired of providing, dan tsakani da Allah su ma suna da nasu buqatun, and maybe their salaries can’t contain all that budget. 

So please we should help ourselves, when we seem helpless and start nagging that’s when the men take advantage and start seeking solace with other women. 

I’m not saying muyi aiki dole, mu biya school fees koh mu siya kayan abincin a gidan, no! But at least when push comes to shove we should at least have something to get back to. 

A northern Nigeria woman smiling
Nigerian women in traditional dress

Yanzu in kinyi graduating, zaki iya zama housewife but da kwalin ki a kusa da ke, for emergencies. 

Kuma mu dage da addu’a, ba abunda mutum zai maka na alkhairi da Allah bazai maka even multiples ba. 

Allah dai ya rufa asiri. 

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