Who do you choose?

IMG_2532I got a call from a number i didn’t know. When i asked who it was he said his name and told me he was calling from Kaduna. At that time i knew only a few families from Kaduna not one has a grown man in the marriageable age i disconnected telling him it was a wrong number.
He called again, thrice! I was intrigued with this man that took no for an answer and kept insisting that he knew me.
“I want you to know me too. Can i come and see you?”
“No, and please don’t call again i am with someone.”
Five minutes later he sent me a recharge card of 1,500 -then,eleven years ago- it was a lot.
I sent it back to him telling him that i don’t recieve gifts from strangers.
He didnt call for two days, when next he did he said “I am coming to see you,” i was irked what’s with him?
And i actually told him my address nonetheless, I cant remember how he convinced me but he was persuasive. I Remember him telling me along the lines of  “if I don’t come, then how will you know me and decide that you don’t like me?” Somehow i fell for it.
Anyways we met, and it wasn’t love at first sight. He was gentle the introvert type and shy.
He left.
when he told me about his mother’s side of the family I realized a guy that came to see me not more than a month ago was his nephew but we weren’T clicking. So i called them both and told them.
“He is my uncle he should relent.” The nephew said.
And my husband said “the lucky one shall get you, i am not backing off.” 😱
I was in a fix. Within two weeks, i was on the verge of breaking a family bond. I told them i was done with them both even though nothing had really started.
Coincidentally, they both came to see me on the same day at the same time and i watched like a fool as they caught up on their family issues. Each waiting for the other to leave first 😂😂😂
When they were done my husband left first and his nephew asked me who do you choose?
And I said “Do you have to ask? Of course i am choosing him” he thought i was joking he refused to leave for the whole day, stalking me in case the uncle might come back.
And when next we spoke i told the nephew that i have made up my mind and i am sorry.
When the uncle called i said let us give this a chance, he went to seek for my father’s permission to see me.
My father called me and said so and so came to seek permission to start seeing you what is his father’s name? i need to ask around about him first.
And i was dumbfounded i later said “i don’t know.”
“You don’t know?  and you want to marry him?”
I nodded “i will ask him today.” and when he called i asked.
He told me everything i needed to know.
he came to our house for ten days in a row in a cold harmattan season with his jacket just to get to know each other more, nothing more than that we only talked on phone after that, since we lived in different states.
We got engaged 3 months after our first meeting and got married 1 year after the first meeting.
We are happily married now for 9.5 years. With three kids and so much happy moments to keep thanking Allah for His blessings.
what really drew me to him was his patience we have never fought or promised to never speak to each other again or argued during that one year that i started thinking maybe i was odd or something was wrong  because my friends were all fighting with their finances i though it was the “it” thing to do.
I called him up and said “why are you so perfect are you pretending to be good to get me?”
And he was speechless. Later he said “are you pretending too? Because i find you perfect.” And I was gone from then onwards. 😍😍
I knew he meant business. 👌🏼
And now almost 10 years with him I know he can be gentle, a loving father, an introvert, weird in terms of romance but one thing he is not, is a pretender.
He was the last man that came to me and he turned out to be the best for me. The power of du’a and istikhara  is amazing. I will like my sisters to stick to that whenever they are making important decisions in life. I got my love by Allah’s will because i left my affairs to Him. And He guided me.

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