The rate of divorce these days is alarming

img_2534.png Assalam Alaikum. Hello everyone and Alhamdulillah for this platform. May Allah bless you and the readers.
Ok so the rate of divorce these days is alarming don’t you think? I mean it seems like a substantial amount of unions don’t last an anniversary these days, why?. Lies.
The reason why many marriages are shakey these days is because they are based on a bed of lies. Quote me anywhere any relationship whose foundation are concretes of lies will never see the light of the day, and if it does, the day wouldn’t be bright!.
Fisabilillah it is not compulsory for you to have a car before you court a woman, get one who loves you with or without but Ya akhi the moment you borrow or rent one posing it as yours,you have fallen. That’s why za’ayi ma yarinya akwati ashirin plus for lefe and after a few weeks wasu ‘barayi’  su zo su sace. Dama arowa yayi.
My Ukhti bleaching is not your ticket to happiness because when you marry a man who literally doesn’t know your true colours, that’s it, bad foundation. When your kids come out as dark as anything fa? What will be your defence. Any man who doesn’t love your melanin is not worth it.
Kince abincin Chinese ne kadai baki iya ba amma wannan Jollof Rice banxa kamar mutum yayi ihu just so you can win a man. Then later when he wifes you, you start googling Nigerian Jollof Rice, ia google your marriage manual?.
Boasts about your supposed wealth, influential people you know, your countless trips to the UK when you have hardly scaled the ancient walls of Kano and how your I phone 7 is always somehow wondrously on the way but never quite seems to make it to Nigeria will just aid in making your marriage when eventually conducted a disaster waiting to happen.
Haven’t you ever thought what will happen when she eventually gets in and discovers you are as dry as Sahara? What then? A series of fights, insults, naggings,rants, and a broken home? Is it really worth it my Brother? A lifetime of regret just for a few moments of glory? Muyi wa kanmu adalci mana.
Winning a heart by lies is like building a house on ice, it eventually melts and gives way, then everything comes crashing.
So please my Brothers and Sisters try to avoid placing your relationship on ice of lies,believe me it always melts and believe me divorce is never fun.

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