IMG_2533I never knew real men of their words still exist until I married my husband.  He is an Islamic preacher and a graduate of a Nigerian university with a difference.  He used to come for our Annual Islamic programme on invitation from our organizers.  I used to like him for his preachings but never gave it a thought that I will become his wife one day.  I used to see him as those Mallams who only preach but never implement their teachings.  One day,  one of the organizers asked me to marry him but I hesitated because,  I never intended to marry these people with beards and short  trousers.  one thing led to the other,  I finally married him and we moved to Abuja.  To my surprise,  my husband shows me love than he preaches.  he washes my clothes without me asking him.  he fetches water from the tap for me and engages in some menial domestic chores for me.  when I told my mother about  this,  she was surprised until I gave birth to our child when she came and saw things for herself.  I can intentionally  annoy my husband just to see his reactions but, instead,  he will cheerfully ask me to say ” I am sorry. ” I will say,  you too should tell me that you are sorry.  my husband will tell me that he is sorry. then,  I will be surprised that even when he knows that he is not wrong?…  This man is one in a million.  To cut the story short,  I love him and I  pray for his safety,  success and happiness in this world and hereafter. (Ameen) …
May Allah guide and bless our families with the best spouse and grant us the best Paradise.

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