Let’s be mindful of our deeds

IMG_2528Assalam Alaikum.
Firstly I wish to commend U for the incredible job you are doing. Even better is the manner you have kept doing it in a mostly halal manner. May Allah forgive you your shortcomings while continuing to bless ur life and work.
I have read a couple of ur latest posts on immorality et al. My contribution is this. We need to understand these things start one step at a time, one action at a time. I will just highlight only one.
My dear sisters we need to understand that dressing while covering ur hair and leaving ur hands, neck and in some cases legs is HARAM!!! I know most will say wats d big deal in leaving arms but why then do sisters cover it b4 praying ? It might seem harmless but it starts from there and develops to a lil bit of hair then cleavage and b4 we know it its all out with no difference.
Let’s be mindful of our deeds, our appearances and our words. They are d ones which eventually mould us to become who we are.
And guys, STOP encouraging them when they err. And don’t scold. Rather use wisdom in preaching similar to d way Mufti Menk does. With a lil bit of banter, honesty and laughter, U will be surprised how sisters will warm up to U.
Once again may  Allah continue to bless ur projects.
P.S Kindly keep me anonymous.

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