I met my husband on TANGO.

IMG_2529 In July 2014, I met my husband on TANGO.
I used to look down on online dating a little bit-at least for myself, because somehow it didn’t seem real.
In June 2014, I decided to join Tango n for d first few weeks I had a lot of friend requests n chats dat I didn’t reply.
Then in July, one Saturday night, I logged on to read updates n I saw his friend request n I accepted. Few minutes later,  he sent me a message ” salaam n I replied with “Wslm. Den he asked “r u a Nigerian? I laughed n replied “yes,I’m from Nasarawa state n he told me he was from bauchi, a lawyer, based in Lagos n married with two kids. Dat wz how we started chatting n getting along, he became my very gud friend . We were always talking on phone n chatting n he was always encouraging n giving me pieces of  advice on my business n relationships. Den on d 11th of December 2014,we decided to start dating. We met physically on d 22nd of December, 2014. Along D line, we realised that my maternal grandparents n his parents were neighbors in d 70’s at Kano. My maternal uncle n hubby were inseparable then. He’s been a loving, caring, understanding n religious person n I felt dis is d perfect man for me.  Here we are, we got married on d 16th of December 2016 n I pray that D love we share grows, that dis union of ours is strengthened each moment n also blessed with wonderful n blessed kids In shaa Allah.

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