Happily married for 12 years

img_2531.pngAssalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabaraka tuhu Open diaries.
My story goes thus:
I was not the outgoing type I didn’t  like attending weddings or large functions but faith took me to a family friends wedding the very first wedding outside my immediate family.
It was fun traveling to the brides village a small cozy place, Umaisha in Nasarawa state North Central Nigeria. In company of my late Mum’s friend who insisted I go for the wedding.
It was a beautiful function all through. After the wedding fatiha, I didn’t see my would be spouse then but he saw me standing next to the bride and asked the driver to stop. He called one of the brides relatives to ask who I was, he then told the brides uncle confidently that’s his wife(referring to me) standing next to the bride. He didn’t say a word to me.
A week after the wedding, the brides uncle and his friendly beautiful wife came to visit me.  It felt kinda strange since I don’t really know them 😀. They said my would be spouse had sent them to come ask for permission to come and see me. I told my late mum’s best friend she contacted my Dad and he was given permission to see me.
He came on a Friday, I was taking a nap when the Brides Uncles wife came in, I got up about to go out when she said “why don’t you apply a little makeup ” I replied “let him get used to seeing me like this just in case he becomes my husband, he’ll see me like this every morning”.
I met him 😍, we spoke and exchanged contacts. He claimed he was going to be my friend, he was going to help me choose who to marry 😂😂😂.
The rest is history we’re happily married for 12years now with 3loving children. All I can say is Alhamdullillah.

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